Now twitter in Pakistan

logo-newAs part of a movement to encourage freedom of speech, free media, citizen journalism, effortless integration of common life with internet and to promote mediums of expression 2SC  recently launched another project through a platform which is already in a successful beta. “Twitter Pakistan Project” powered by iSMS. Twitter has been a famous platform for bringing your life close to your loved ones, family and friends. Twitter caught air with that sleak looking website and impressive mobile integration and became a platform for not only connecting to others but to express yourself effectively.

Sadly it didn’t last longer and twitter had to cut back on mobile integration in a lot of countries, Pakistan being one of them. Though one can still use it through its mobile website but nothing replaces the easiness in updates through mobiles . Adding to that Pakistan is a country where SMS rates are way cheaper than any part of the globe.

With 2SC major goal is to bridge the gap between people using technology that completely fits into the prime motive behind Twitter Pakistan project. Thats why iSMS has laucnhed a cheap tweeting platform connecting twitter to mobile users in Pakistan. Now you can sign up on iSMS and send local messages (instead of costly international sms) and update your status on Twitter. The service is in Beta and the invites are limited. I am giving 100 invites through my blog. so drop you name and email address in comments field mentionng why you want twitter — email format should be written in this format abc at gmail dot com

Happy Twittering in Pakistan…


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