“Culture TV” to counter Extremism hmmm!

The ministry of Culture has planned to set up a Tv channel primarily focusing on culture and tradition of Pakistan . The main agenda is to counter extremism .

The proposal for “Cultural TV” was under discussion during the recently held meetings of ministry while its design and functioning was proposed to be like the existing channels of such nature like National geographic or discovery.
Official Sources of the mistry said
” the channel will cover diverse aspects of Pakistani culture and traditions including folk music, theatre industry , regional dialects and traditions, archaeological sites , history of this region and many other areas”

The ministry was focusing to get technical assistance from Pakistan television (PTV) to approach rural masses rather than depending on satellite or cable operators. The Culture TV will be a source of providing excellent opportunities as the documentaries on various archaeological sites, their Significance in the history of region and efforts made for their preservation will create awareness among the general people regarding protection of their heritage .

Ministry spokesman said

“Pakistan is rich in Cultural heritage , Mughal Architecture, Traditions and natural beauty and if preserved properly , it can be a hub of local and foreign tourists”

with the addition of Culture TV on can only hope that it can serve as counter extremism strategy for deterring terrorism and create harmony and peace in the society


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