Most fighters will think twice about fighting me: Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan

NEW YORK – Pakistani Brit boxer Amir Khan, whose conquest of America began with a sensational 76-second knockout victory over New York-based Jewish boxer Dmitriy Salita, has said that he is now a champion boxer to reckon with.

“I have sent a message out and most fighters will think twice about fighting me. But, I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and say I want to fight Mayweather or Manny. I am not ready for that,” The Times quoted Khan, as saying.

“When I sparred first time with Manny it was 15 months ago and I want to see how I have come on. If Freddie wants me to spar with him that means he has faith in me. That can only give me confidence,” he added.

Khan outclassed Salita thrice to retain his WBA light-welterweight title before referee Luis Pabon stopped the opening round slaughter.

With the first punch of the fight, the contest was as good as over when a right cross exploded on Salita’s chin that dumped him on the seat of his pants.

Within seconds Salita tasted the canvas for the second time when a relentless barrage of dynamite punches dropped him again. Although Salita rose groggily, Pabon let him continue, but Khan was in no mood to hang around and went for the jugular.

He finished the job with another classic left after his blinding hand speed drove Salita across the ring and to the floor forcing Pabon to step in.

Later on Salita said: “He was so quick that for the first knockdown, I didn’t even see the punches.”


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