Another rape attempt on Russian women in Goa (India)

Panaji: A Christmas party in Goa for two Russian women turned out to be a horrifying ordeal when a taxi driver they had engaged tried to rape them at Anjuna.

The two victims had to hide in a jungle for six hours to escape being raped and robbed by the taxi driver and his accomplices on a night when police claimed security in the state was at its peak.

In a complaint filed with the Anjuna police station, the two women said the incident took place after they hired a taxi near Club West End in Saligao at 0220 hours IST on December 25 after attending a Christmas party at the popular night club.

“We had hired a taxi GA-01-L-9613 for Rs 300 to travel from Club West End to our hotel Charleston in Baga. But the driver told us that he wanted to avoid bribing the police picket on the main road and said he would take an alternative route,” one of the women said in her complaint.

“Instead of Baga, he took us to Anjuna and said he wanted Rs 1,000 for the ride and instead of money, he wanted to have sex with us. When we protested, he tried to attack us forcing us to jump out of the car and run into the jungle nearby,” she said.

“We had to hide till 7 am in the morning in the jungle before we complained to the police,” she added.

Officials attached to the Anjuna police station have confirmed the complaint.

A senior police officer said that a case has been filed against the unknown taxi driver for attempt to rape and assault.

“He is on the run. We are in the process of tracking him down,” the officer said.

Goa, a popular tourism destination for Russians, has seen several instances of crime against foreigners. A Goan politician is already absconding for allegedly raping a 25-year-old Russian woman earlier this month.



2 thoughts on “Another rape attempt on Russian women in Goa (India)

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  2. They should have just offered too give him a blowjob. He probably would have accepted, and they end up saving taxi fare. It mentioned accomplices. If there was just a couple, how long is it going too take two women too give a few guys a blowjob. They overreacted and made a big deal over nothing.


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