On whose order Balochistan joined Pakistan

Grandson of Khan of Qallat explaining why his grand father decided to join Pakistan.


Shortlink: http://wp.me/pzzIg-7J


2 thoughts on “On whose order Balochistan joined Pakistan

  1. Bull Shi, this faty mad guy, Umer of Qalat is geting all the benifits,contracts, plots, pemits……….and trying to make a story to save already broken Pokistan…….Where was GOD when Pakistan divided and Bangladesh decleared as an independent State.

    Pakistanis are trying to confuse politics with mths and emotion………..


    • sorry brother pakistan was made up of punjab sindh balochistan nwfp and northern areas
      this side made Pakistan not the Bengal
      other thing if Pakistan politics Government is corrupt that doesn’t mean
      country or people are bad
      this is fact

      Pakistan was made 27th ramadan Lai latul qader
      first leaders name is Mohammed Ali
      Based in the name of Allah
      not even single country in the world made on ideology
      except Pakistan for Islam
      Israel for Jews

      think brother


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