About me

Well! What I can say about this tiny-mini-itsy-bitsy person of the globe. He is a kind of guy who believes on ‘living in the moment’ and want to enjoy every moment of his life, but at the same time remains very much conscious about his future & surrounding.

He don’t talk much, He is pretty shy” and reserved in situations where he don’t know people well, but once he get to know you he could be very open and talkative.

He is a guy who treats people very humbly and sincerely “Treat the people the way you want to be treated” – His motto. He wish that more people lived by his motto.

And in last; His goal of life is to try experience all the wildest things in life (defining “wild” is up to you) and never look back or remorse about anything. because according to him a life without challenges would be like going school without lessons to learn. and challenges come not to depress or to let you down, but to master and to grow and to unfold your abilities.

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